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Hi guys! Im Nick the gym rat & Im a 38 year old fitness enthusiast. Yes, that is me taking a Selfie at my gym! Anyway, I first started using fitness games on my Xbox Kinect to lose weight. Then when I lost weight from doing that I became interested in Bodybuilding. I trained bodybuilding style for about a year & half. Now more recently since August 2014 I have been doing a Powerlifting strength style training.
Before I got into fitness I was a total couch potato, over weight, a heavy smoker and drinker, and suffered from high cholesterol to the point where I fell victim to gout. This was the turning point to the drastic change in my lifestyle. Hey! Check me out!!! Lol!

Left: 2009 Right: 2015

Now I go to the gym three to four times a week, I have a flexible diet (IIFYM) and I get inspired by watching fitness youtuber vlogs like Legends of Aesthetics, Fusaro Fitness & The Barbell Brigade. Apart from pumping weights in the gym I am an assistant audiologist day to day, just you’re regular joe trying to balance married life & life itself to live healthier for the future. Me and You are here to achieve one thing which is to improve health, well being and the appearance that you want.

I know what it takes to get yourself out of that sofa, all you need is the correct training, best nutrition plan and motivation. Lets reach our personal goals together!

The time is now!!!

Nick The Gymrat…

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