Flexible Dieting (IIFYM)

IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) or otherwise known as Flexible dieting is a tracking of Macronutrients to attain a certain desired body composition goal.
There are 3 main macronutrients;
These Macronutrients make up the majority of all diets & are important factors to building muscle or losing fat.
As well as macronutrients, flexible dieting also consists of intaking minimal micronutrient contents.  Like vegetable, fruit & fibre, vitimins & minerals  that we require.
In this diet we don’t put alot of emphasis on which foods are bad or good for you. So you won’t need to go crazy & restrict yourself on certain foods. 
Your body doesn’t know what you eat, it just wants to take in those juicy macros of protein carbs and fat into its stomach. So for example, IF a burger had exactly the same nutritional values as a Wholemeal Ham lettuce & tomato sandwich it wouldn’t matter which one you would eat, aslong as at the end of the day you are hitting your daily macro numbers it doesn’t matter.

Although this is the case it doesn’t mean that you can stuff yourself with junk food as the majority of your macros will come from clean wholefoods anyway! (The true fact is you can’t reach your daily macro goals eating burgers & fries for brekkie, lunch and dinner! Who eats burgers for breakfast anyway? Lol!)  But seriously, it is said that at least 80% of your intake will be from clean wholefoods & about 20% from “dirty” foods like chocolate, donoughts, ice cream and so on.

I'll fit you into my macros!

To start flexible dieting you need to find out your maintenance calories, then depending whether or not you want to bulk or diet you add or subtract calories from your maintenance calories. From that you can now figure out your Macro numbers.  
Every time you eat food you will have to weigh it check the nutritional facts & input it into an app like myfitnesspal or doing it the quicker way by just scanning the barcode on the packet or tin so you can track your macro numbers & make sure you are hitting the required daily macro goals.
So at the end of the day, aslong as you are hitting those proper macronutrients it’s cool what you eat.  You can squeeze in that chocolate bar everyday if you want!
Many of the you tubers I watch follow Flexible Dieting. Like Matt Ogus (Legends of Aesthetics), Matty Fusaro(Fusaro Fitness) & Raymond Querido (theonlinecoach) & they manage to reach their desired body composition.

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