The Fundamental Key

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD; To lift more weights overtime to get stronger and to keep improving in order to build muscle.
The number one key to building muscle is you need to increase the stress placed on your body during training.  This will trigger the body’s natural signal to adapt to the stress upon it and stimulate muscles to becoming bigger & stronger.
Things you can incorporate;

1. Add more Reps. Instead of 8-10 reps do 10-12 reps.

2. Add another Set. Increase from 3 sets to doing 4 sets or even a 5th set!

3. Decrease Reps & Increase Weight. Go from an 8kg dumbbell to a 10kg dumbbell.

4. Increase tempo & push weights faster or move weights slower (Time Under Tension) and concentrate on form & working your muscles. 

5. Lower the amount of rest between sets. Instead of a 2 minute rest lower it & do 1 minute and 30 seconds or even 1 minute.

6. Frequency of lifts. Instead of training your arms once a week, hit it twice a week.

All these are Progressive Overload Techniques. Try and make small weight increments & concentrate on form.

Muscle Progression

Top picture of me 2 month’s ago.
Bottom picture from 22 months ago.

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