Make it your own positive move to decide to start a healthier lifestyle. It is you and only you that can motivate yourself to be determined to reach a goal.

Yes, you can watch all the fitness people on youtube to pump you up, yes, you can read about all the touching stories of people who have lost tons of weight & what they went through to get there to inspire you, but it is ONLY YOU that can do something  about it. If you want something enough, go for it and STOP MAKING EXCUSES! YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

If you are serious about making a long term change for your own good then make going to the gym a habit.  The longer you keep to training, working out & seeing the results, the more it will become a  good habit hard to break.  It won’t be an overnight change, not even a couple of weeks, you have to keep working at it for months on end to reap the benefits. It maybe a slow process but worth it in the end. Then & only then will you will get the results you wanted. 

It is not difficult. You can fit it into your daily lives, no matter if you work 9 to 5, shift work, have married partners & have a family & kids. All you need to do is organise your schedule.  I did it! I’m 38 years old, working a 9 to 5 job, married with a 13 year old boy! (Ok, my boy is living in the Philippines at the moment but that’s not the point! :)).

My motivation comes from the fact that training makes me feel good, to me it’s a stress reliever. When I feel stressed from work, going to the gym releases that tension & calms me down.
Following this lifestyle keeps me going to strive for a healthier life, not only for now but for the long term.
Training to powerlift at the moment helps give me something to look forward to as im training to be the strongest that I can ever be.
Hopefully I can compete in the near future and make myself think,
” hey, this was one heck of a journey, but well worth it in the end!” With a huge smile on my face.

I don’t want to sound like this post is a rant. It’s not. I want people to know this is my passion at the moment. Some people chose to go out and drink, party & go clubbing others chose to take up other hobbies, I chose to be fit.

So, YOU can chose to Powerlift, Bodybuild, Crossfit, Box, Martial arts, Zumba or yoga, it’s all down to you, & ONLY YOU to make that healthier move & motivate yourself to keep on keeping on. I’m only here to help.

So stop making excuses if you want something that bad then go & do it!!!


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