Am I the Biggest Loser? Part 1

Back in November 2009

Back in 2011 I suffered from a very severe case of Gout! I have never experienced pain as bad as that ever in my life. Not unless you can count the time when Jose Mourinho first left Chelsea back in 2007, the pain I felt on that day was worse. But he’s back now & it looks like the Premier league title is as good as ours now! Fingers crossed! Hehe! Sorry guys.
Anyway, the time leading upto my gout I was a really lazy sod! Yes I was! & probably have been since the turn of the millenium. At that point in time I had spent some of my life in San Francisco & Philippines just chilling out, enjoying eating, gaining weight, not doing any exercise to the point where I always had to have a bottle of gin every night just to get to sleep & a 20 pack of Malboro lights to get through the day.
When I eventually got married & had my boy, the drinking turned from gin to beer then slowed down to red wine every weekend, but I was still constantly smoking & still eating whatever I wanted.
Skip a couple of years to about 2007 & If I wasn’t at work I would spend my time online gaming at home throughout the early hours of the morning, at the same time binge eating on anything I could get my hands on in the kitchen.
Online gaming was the word, eating crisps, chocolate, sweets even a bowl of fries at 2-3am was how it was done. I was quickly gaining weight & it didn’t even cross my mind. Trust me, you tend to forget how much you stuff in your mouth while concentrating on getting a high score & a win for your team on Call of Duty!

That was my life.

So while on holiday in the Philippines in the Easter of 2011, I indulged myself with the traditional foods of my country. (If you are filipino than you know what kind of foods im talking about!). Very fatty & oily foods, rich with salt, vetsin (monosodium glutamate) & sugar & all things nice!
Don’t get me wrong, obviously not all foods in Philippines are like that but the food that tastes real good are the ones that are not good for you to eat on a constant basis!
On top of that i smoked alot & went back to drinking a couple of beers nearly every other night for the whole 5 weeks vacation.

When I got home to London my right foot swelled up & caused me excruciating pain. I went to A&E with the help from my sister & her boyfriend as I could not walk bymyself. The pain on anything touching my foot was unbearable. I already knew from visiting my GP months back that my cholesterol was high & so was my blood pressure, and of course I was over weight, but I didn’t care at the time. This hurt was my body telling me “You idiot Nick! That’s enough! You really overdid it this time! Living like this has its consequences! Now I’m going to take my revenge!”

So much Pain

Looking at my foot & feeling that Pain was the defining moment into changing my lifestyle. I did not want this anymore. What next? A heart attack? I Could not do this to my family, I needed to change, but where & how could I start? I had no clue about fitness…


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