Simple Gymrat Tip for Progression (for both GUY’S & GAL’S!)

There are 2 ways to get stronger &  build muscle in the gym. By increasing the Intensity & Volume of your training. (Increasing weight or increasing number of sets).

So what do you need to do?
Firstly you need to select the weight where you can optimally hit the certain rep range that you chose. 5-8 reps if you are building for strength or 10-12 reps if you are building for lean muscle.
So for example let’s say you are working on dumbbell flat bench chest press & you select a pair of 8kg dumbbells. On this first set you manage to hit the 8 reps, move on to your 2nd set by increasing the weight to the next tier in weight. Which would be 10kg dumbbells. If you also manage to get another solid 8 reps, move on to the 3rd set with the next weight up which is 12kg. If on this 3rd Set you only manage 5 reps then on the following week where you next do your flat bench chest press on that 3rd Set you have to try and get the 8 reps.  If you don’t then you need to repeat this the following week or weeks until you do get those 8 solid reps! Once you do that then you can again move onto the next weight up & also try and hit 8 reps on that weight. Repeating the cycle the following week if you fail.

This is a SIMPLE PROGRESSION ROUTINE that can be incorporated to any compound/isolation lifting exercise you chose and not only does it apply to guys but to ALL YOU WOMEN OUT THERE who want to build LEAN MUSCLE & LOOK TONED TOO. REMEMBER LADIES, LIFTING WEIGHTS DOES NOT CAUSE YOU TO BECOME BIG AND BULKY, THAT IS JUST A MYTH!!!! (That will be a subject I will post for another blog of mine in the future).

Also remember, when you are choosing the weight, start with a weight that you can manage but that can also test your strength when nearing the final rep.

Increasing your sets & weights during your training is a constant progress.  You will not see progress over night or after a week, it may even take a couple of months depending on how focused you are to reaching your goals. But give it time & you will eventually see and feel this progression as I did, and still am experiencing. Nothing is better then the feeling of actually noticing results & once you do experience that level of acomplishment then I’m sure that will be more fitness motivation for you to reach for the stars…


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