Be Afraid! Be very afraid!


If you have never been to the gym before, or haven’t been in a long time and scared to go because you are;

* Uncomfortable
* Insecure
* Nervous
* Anxious
* Intimidated
* Clueless

then you are definitely Human & should have nothing else to worry about!
But seriously, the title of my blog is not to scare you from going to the gym.
I can tell you now, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you are then we can fix this, and have you working out at your gym & turning you into a Gymrat!

It is totally normal to feel all of the above feelings. The best thing you can do to get you started on the road to fitness is to prepare yourself.
Prepare yourself with Knowledge.
Remember, Knowledge is Power!
If you where to buy a house or car wouldn’t you first research on what you would be investing in?
Well, believe it or not the same goes when you go the gym. You want to know what type of goal you intend to reach, you want to research what types of exercise or training programs you need to do to reach that goal, as obviously you are investing in upgrading your body & moving into that healthy lifestyle.

That’s why there are PT’s in the gyms!

Not all of us have the budget for this!  It’s all well & good hiring out a personal trainer but do you really want to fork out extra cash on 45 mins to 1 hours worth of training when you could find out yourself how to do it for free?  I’m not saying don’t hire a PT, by all means do so if you have that extra income, but like me, when I first started I was a member of Fitness First (Black Label Tier, bloody expensive may I add) which was already making a big dent in my pocket. Then the cost of hiring a PT was no way practical for me so I declined the option of a trainer.
I took it upon myself to find out How and What to do in the gym so I wouldn’t look clueless and embarass myself! (Bear in mind I never ever went to the gym in my younger years so I was absolutely clueless about fitness & gym life).

I know what you are going to say…

I don’t have the time to research!
I’ll say, “Really?


As I have said before, if it is really important for you to make a change for the better, not only for your mind, body & soul but for your future health too then I don’t see why you cannot do this. It’s your health we’re talking about here! How many of us spend an hour or even more browsing through online shopping sites each day or watching movies or tv dramas on those movie sites?
You have the time!

Reading exercise books will help but why not use the power of the Internet?!?
Google or other search engines? Or better yet, watch fitness you tubers on youtube if you’re not much of a book worm or just want straight forward access to quick tutorial workout videos. That’s what I did. I prepared myself by watching people like Chris Jones, Matt Ogus, Matty Fusaro. There are many more fitness guru’s on youtube that will cater for your specific needs. It’s just a matter of watching these guys and choosing which channel suits you.

Also, nearly all gyms have a standard induction day where you are shown around the gym and shown the gym equipment. A basic intro on how to use the machines can be given but if that doesn’t help you, you can always try and ask a friend to go with you. Or if you already know someone that is an avid gymrat & can show you the ropes then take that opportunity. What better way to build your confidence then with someone who looks the part and can give you his knowledge & experience.

Once you are in the gym keep it simple. Keep it simple but also be consistent and practice the routines. Make sure you learn and master these exercises. You do not need to know every exercise under the sun, pick the ones that will be the most effective like the COMPOUND MOVEMENTS I BLOGED ABOUT BEFORE. You will learn various types of exercises in time & will certainly develop physical strength which in turn should develop your mental strength too. Confidence will build up & you won’t have anymore worries.

Do not be intimidated by anyone else in the gym. Like you they are only interested in their own training workouts. They are there for themselves. Why else are all you in the gym for? So just focus on yourself.
It is true that most lifters in the gym do not like to be interupted or hate being spoken to while training (including me!) but I assure you that most of them like to share their knowledge and lifting techniques.
So as you constantly go to the gym you will see certain regulars time and again. Once you feel comfortable then maybe you can approach them and ask for advice or to join them. You will make friends so make that connection. It can be advantageous.

So Gymrats, It’s not that bad at all right?
So what are you waiting for?
Get into that gym and start!
If you don’t start now, how will you progress?



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