In my 3 years of training in the gym I have never encountered such a bad session then I did on my squat day this past Tuesday.
To tell a long story short, everything wrong that could happen, happened on that day. 

My PIN number to enter the gym was not working so I had to spend 15 minutes trying to find a member of staff that was free to reset it.
Then I discovered my shaker bottle had cracked and my once full bottle of preworkout drink had all spilled in my gym bag, soaking my knee/wrist wraps that I needed to use!
Not only did I have no juice to pump me up on a heavy routine but I had to wear damp wraps! (I didn’t want to waste my time anymore trying to dry them under the hand dryer!).

That wasnt all…

135kg / 297lbs Feeling heavier then usual!

During my 2nd working set, 2nd rep squat. On my descent, I somehow accidentally unbraced my core and breathed out. This in turn caused the 135kg plates & bar to hitch on my back making my torso to lean more forward & make my hips go lower then I expected. So I had to use all my strength to push up the bar & plates to get back to a standing position and stop me from falling flat on my face with everything else crashing on my back! Phew!
That really caused havoc for the rest of my Squat session leading me to lower the weights for my final 2 sets and denting my confidence.

Oh dear!

So you know what I did?

Nope, I didnt give up. I didn’t want to go home feeling down and defeated.

So I went to what I did best. I started doing my Sumo Deadlifts! (actually, I’ve only just recently started incorporating Deadlift’s after my squats. So I was lucky. I want to increase my frequency on this routine to twice a week. The more frequency, the more it will make my lift better).
I managed to hit 7 sets and on my last set I equalled my 180kg PR! I turned my mood around and made my session feel totally accomplished!

So, there will be Good days where you will be feeling stong, hitting your sets, reps, hitting personal records and your technique will be perfect and fluent. And there will be the bad days like I had where nothing goes right, weights will feel heavy and your form will be off. That can shake your confidence and undermine your belief and ability.
There will be many factors that can cause these bad sessions. Not enough sleep or inadequate recovery. Not enough food consumed, stress, injuries.
The best way to overcome this is to not linger about the bad session, put it behind you and move on. Move onto your next BEST routine and smash that.
By doing your best routine you can get that positive mind set back. Just as I did on my deadlifts. But if you still don’t do any better then you may have to count your losses and end your session. You do not want to make yourself feel any worse!
Don’t let your mood carry onto your next training session.
Just make sure your next session is a better one! The only person that can turn this around is you!

Sumo Deadlift Personal Record 180kg / 396lbs

If you find that you are constantly having bad days then maybe you should think about re evaluating your program. Something isn’t working so try changing up your program, or you may need to think about tweaking your nutritional diet. You may need to get more sleep or allow more recovery rest days.
Whatever it is, only you can make it better.

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