Finally reached the 400lbs Club!


Monday 8th May 2015 is the day I finally hit 400lbs (407.885kg to be exact) for a Personal Record of 1 rep.

During that day I was feeling exhausted from assembling our new bed & clearing out junk from our home the previous day.  I also didn’t get much sleep as I went to bed about 1 a.m & had to get up early for work.
So I was contemplating whether or not to go to the gym and just take a rest day & then hit my Wendler Deadlift Program the following day. 
But when I got home and started watching The Online Coach on Youtube doing his deadlifts it got me psyched up to a point where I thought, what the hell, let me take some pre workout and hit my heavy day! I need to make some more STRENGTH GAINZZZZZZZ…

I actually got to the gym feeling real good.  Did my warm up sets and worked upto my requisite last set of 172.5kg for a max of 3 reps. 
I then decided to go for a couple of single reps starting with 170kg, then 180kg & I thought to myself, I’m still feeling great, no aches, I don’t feel all that fatigued so I slapped on two 2.5kg plates to make a new total of 185kg/400lbs.
I managed to smoothly pick and lift that new personal record of mine! Joining the 400lbs Club!


Finally reached that Goal of mine! It’s taken me 8 months from the start of my Jim Wendler 5/3/1 Strength Training Program to get this far & hit my first Goal in Powerlifting. So proud of myself! & Im so glad I fought off my tiredness and went to the gym!

Now, my goal is to reach the 500lbs club!!! No pain No Gain!!!

185kg / 408lbs Personal Record
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